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Er Aldaric
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Post by Er Aldaric »

Gen Z from America. I discovered the Oera Linda after reading a blogpost by Jan about WrAlda. I thought it was interesting but didn't believe it as I didn't see how it fit into the Indo-European hypothesis then, so I dismissed it. I kept feeling drawn towards it however, leading to more research on it. Today I'm convinced of it's authenticity.
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Re: Intro

Post by Jeppe »

Hi Er Aldaeic,

Look in American Christmas Carols and you will find the word YuleTime ...
I still remember from end of the 70's early 80's we still used Yule for Christmas and in French it was not Bon Noel but we said Bon Joel.... which is the Yule..

So if you can't find a direct proof, you try and look for indirect proof..... Yule Time

I hope it is helpful in your search
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