Reconciling European Pre-History research and the OL

Dating of the various texts in relation to other sources, archaeology, geology, genetics etc.
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Reconciling European Pre-History research and the OL

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Filling the Gap between modern models and first hand accounts

Although the Oera Linda asserts many things that todays archeologist, geneticist, and anthropologists are just now confirming to be true, there is still a large gap between what modern day science promotes as our pre-history and what the Oera Linda proports and that gap needs to be reconciled.

Two things to keep in mind -
1. Academics today have built their model of our history using bits and pieces of genetic information, reverse engineering languages and cross referencing Indo-European religions.

2. The Oera Linda is primary source of our history from around 2200 bc. It also contains the biases and knowledge of the people from that time. We know that the Fryans had manuscripts that they themselves considered ancient however the contents of these manuscripts are not divulged.

The Indo-Europeans
The current belief of European origins is that modern Europeans are made up of three groups,

1. EEF (Early European Farmers), a Neolithic pastoral group responsible for constructing stone granaries and megaliths. Described as having a dark complexion, historically racially classified as 'Mediterranean'

2. WHG (Western Hunter Gatherers), Darker skin with dark hair, blue eyes. See Cheddar man* ... r-man.html

3. Yamnaya (Indo-Europeans), who originated near modern day Ukraine, ethnically replaced EEF as the dominant culture in Europe via genocide and racial mixing, and spread the Indo-European language and religion across Europe and Asia which independently developed into what we know as the various pagan religions of Europe and Hinduism. Reconstructions look almost Asiatic, Siberian-esque, light skin.
*Modern reconstructions depicting ancient Europeans as negroid is it's own can of worms


The ethnic replacement of the Neolithic Europeans by the Indo-Europeans is believed to have taken place by at least 3000 bc until right about up to the time of the OL. It is obvious they academics constructed this story with what little they had to go off of and this was the result. First hand, we see the origins and spread of what we know today as European paganism as a result of the Finn-Magyar invasion and what was introduced by the Gools - and the European mother tongue and how it was spread, which is much different than what is purported today.

Despite this we are still left with some questions

Who were the EEF and WHG in the context of the Oera Linda?

Assuming of course the Fryas civilization aligns with the Indo-Europeans, that still leaves two major ancient racial groups that go undiscussed in OL. A major part of todays understanding of European genetics is that we are a hybridization of these three races, and our phenotypical differences can be chalked up to who has what percentage of Yamnaya, WHG, or Neolthic DNA, etc... This racial hybridization theory completely contradicts the Fryan worldview, who described themselves as being a homogenous society as far back as time goes. If this hybridization did occur prior to the events of the OL and Fryan cilivization, what would spur in the Fryas to suddenly create this culture of extreme racial purity? Are these labels of EEF and WHG simply the creation of todays Anthropologists assigning to labels arbitrarily to groups that aren't really separate from each other? or does the Racial Hybridization theory still stand?

If anyone is more knowledgeable on this sort of stuff than me and could lend a voice on this I would appreciate it.
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