Astrological material in OL

both within OL texts as in relation to other traditions
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Re: Astrological material in OL

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If anyone would like to read Talbott's The Saturn Myth the one you can find in the search engine at is missing a couple of pages (114 & 115 to be exact), and you can only borrow it an hour at a time. There is a downloadable version on but it doesn't show up in the search engine and I found it by accident. It appears that someone has gone to a lot of work to actually transcribe the 1980 edition, which you can download as a PDF, though the pagination is different than the original. Here's the link: ... rnMyth1980
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Re: Astrological material in OL

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The fragments with explicit mention of 'star(s)', including some with terms that seem to be derived from it, are listed in this blog post.
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Re: Astrological material in OL

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Er Aldaric wrote: 01 Jun 2023, 19:57There are also other problems, how could there be any survivors after such a cataclysmic event?
Any cataclysmic events would have to be regional, limited to just some continents as in OL Aldland situation.

I think the presence of low land trees, bushes and land creatures is evidence our planet/surface/whatever has never in current animal kingdoms time frame seen a true global cataclysm where all lands would be swept deep inland (Eye of Sahara style). The green frogs, turtles, crocodiles etc. are still present as remnants from dinosaur age and never lived high in mountains (floods) or in caves deep underground (space raditation, scorching heat, electric arcing on surface).

What is unknown is if our current animal kingdom on planet earth was preceded by others (with maybe even human like beings), but all these were destroyed in so distant time that everything we see present today had to re-evolved again from zero. One radical idea on Biblical mythology is that the first episode of God's spirit over the waters belies just another pre-world that had been destroyed in massive flood. For example, if the Norse Ginnungagap story (Gylfaginning) and Finnish Alt-land-is ice age Ragnarök stories (Bock family saga) are put next to each other, it soon becomes very clear the story line of Ymir and Ginnungagap is referring to the first Ragnarök and story of Atlantic Ocean ocean currents from Americas to Europe and not to some primaeval first time creation story (see here). And when put next to OL and other associated lores, that the older Alt-land-is story was later on confused with the newer OL Aldland story (4.2 kiloyear event).
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Re: Astrological material in OL

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There is still some controversy over exactly how the polar configuration happened, but there is a mathematical/physics explanation for how it could happen, so the physics isn't the sticking point.
Thanks for the reply, I'll be looking more into this. This has me thinking about several points in the OL. For one the most obvious would be the origin of the Yule, this astrological configuration would create a massive turning wheel of light in the sky, a wheel which Saturn (Kroder) would visibly bear. The word "Watch-Star" confused me for a long time until I had seen Jan connected it to Venus, before I assumed it was some heavenly abode.
Exalted Frya! When she had spoken, Earth throbbed like Wralda’s sea. Fleeland’s surface sank beneath her feet, the sky turned black and rain fell ceaselessly. And when her children looked to see their mother, she was already on her watch-star. Then, finally, thunder spoke from the clouds and lightning wrote upon the firmament: “Watch!”
There's a lot more spiritual and esoteric aspects of the OL that have yet to been fully covered or discussed, so I'm glad this conversation was opened up.
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