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for those who write, translate, draw, paint, design, compose, edit, direct, etc. and feel inspired by Oera Linda
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Re: Tha letsta moderum

Post by ott »

The stylized lamp is well done, buth with the torch in hand, it would be superfluous.

So I think the last design (blue 6), without the lamp in front, would be my pick for the book. If you see ways to further inprove it, that would be great. We have some time still. From here we may continue by mail, if you agree, Kraftr.
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Re: Tha letsta moderum

Post by Kraftr »

I don't know how to make it better except unifying it, cleaning it up and little things I know I did a bit fast. I like the remnants of the Cybele, like the lionfaces, greek clothing etc but i could make a completely fresh drawing on this basis? Personally, I imagine it could look good on a medallion in the centre of the page.
I sent a pm, the design needs a bit of refinement and maybe I need to translate it to a bitmap or other format, which I don't yet know how to do, or other specs the printer or you may desire. I'm happy to go the extra mile to make it perfect!
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