tricks of the Magi

both within OL texts as in relation to other traditions
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tricks of the Magi

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I assume that most of Europe was at one point more influenced by the Freyas and their theology and thinking. I imagine a landscape like in Japan, where shinto, animistic sjamanist is melted into one culture with an overarching more intellectual civilizational worldview.

I want to catalog the different possible tricks the Magi used to subvert. Of course many overlap, since it is the art of falseness and corruption all the time. Please add if you can name more.

elevation of local smaller concepts to be the mask of their theology.
So the Finns had a concept of father time (of course chronos) who they made into The Father, with the Greeks who saw beauty as a symbol of divinity they made Aphrodite. In Slavic countries people talked more about the weather, Perkunas (Thor) and elevated this humanisation of the weather (not a god before) into a God.
also a generation may be added, like a son or father of the prevalent godlike concept in the culture.

Rhetoric, bending words and concepts,
like a vine (see minervas talk in old fryasian) it crawls into the walls and breaks them. You see them trying to catch her in frasing, semantics. ridicule, fallacies, all the rethorical traps. Also the bible shows how Jezus fought this. There is even a parralel between his 'don't call anyone father' and the title theft in OLM. I want to catalog as well in another thread how Christianity, like Greek/roman thinking has intergrated many Freyan ways.

Deification of great humans
See ceasars, Nyhellenia, Odin, Sibyle, Tunis, also in reverse gods were represented as or melded with historical figures. Jesus, King Arthur, Abraham and other Biblical personalities.

marketing, magicianship
the staff Moses used to look like a snake is a curled staff, in running water it moves like a snake and upstream, so seems alive.
In Keltas case the image of a head on a stick is really strong, as is a person standing elevated, with an amazing backdrop. Especially to intoxicated people, who are also more susceptible to false rethoric.
They can use rumour, taboos, visual of audio impressive features, vision, soothsayer stuff, plants in the audience, sexual appeal.

False heroes , representation
well history is so full of this. But I was thinking of representing a political situation of domination in reverse, so as a liberation or a reverse conquest. Cleopatra was not Egyptian, but also not Greek. The Persians called themselves and their associates Aryan, and later reverse claimed this to mean European.

messianism and endtimes defeatism
surrender to a leader stay in the cult and accept your fate!

rebellion and perversion
don't you want to just let go live out your frustrations and wallow in selfish shortsightedness, feelgood fantasy and find the shortcut to status. Be an agent of destruction to the target of the Magi.

focus on feeling, superstition and mystique
bend the roots of spirituality to become superficial, empty rituals while embedding them in reverance and idolatry
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