The word WAAR and Iain Mc Gilchrist

both within OL texts as in relation to other traditions
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The word WAAR and Iain Mc Gilchrist

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the dutch word 'waar'
related to true, veritable, rightfully, faithfull, value, worth, good, goods(like mechandise)
in dutch 'waar' has multiple sides; so not only is is veracity in 1 to 1 correlation with reality but also;
that what is important, full of worthness, intrinsic straightforward sincere, sovern identity, and that wich is truly present and matters, and truly presenting what matters. It touches on spirit(truth)
and matter, or honest trade(goods).
So truth/value may be understood as a kind of precious cargo, like Freyas eggs, as well as' a maintaining an obvious perceptable embodied path to be connected and validated to being, correctly and fully'. (which reminds me of the shipburials, shipshaped longhal and church ship, shipicons, apprentise-ship etc as a reference to this life-ride)
I hope you also see how most these words are inter-referential and sort of a loop reasoning.
worth can be cherished, loved, tested without damage to the true value, known, respected, passed on and shared, in truth(waarheid) value(waarde) and worthiness/esteem (waardigheid) is maintained(bewaard)
I think it resonates with the Dutch' soul core of a brutally honest, matter of fact, and trust society. And probably related to love of freedom, modesty and peace.
I also like what Dr. Iain Mc Gilchrist says about it.
His thinking to me expresses what I would imagine a pre-Socratic or Freyan philosophy would be like. And therefore in my mind a valid reference to test-fill in blanks to find new possible connections.
Since value, as he says, is just there, so the wisdom always was and will be!

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