Jesus the Nazarene, and Yesus of Kasimir.

both within OL texts as in relation to other traditions
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Re: Jesus the Nazarene, and Yesus of Kasimir.

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Nordic wrote: 25 May 2023, 00:43 Not sure why in general people have tendency to equate OL Yesus with Biblical Jesus, as opposed to e.g. Buddha (Buda, Fo) or Krishna (Krisen the herdsman). All of these characters, plus the Scythianus-Buddas-Mani trio, share some similarities and it's known that there were even multiple Jesuses
Yes, I guess as an Westerner/English speaker I see Jesus as the less murky and more "close-to-home" shadow of Yesos-Buda-Krisen. I don't know as much about Kashmir being the home of Gautama or another Buddha, though there was some link to Krishna that I read. I hope some folk who know Sanskrit or Pali can help shed further light on this.
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Re: Jesus the Nazarene, and Yesus of Kasimir.

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I have now written the more detailed take on the Abraham story, many thanks to "half life over" for the information on the Greek sources on the India connections.
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