Hi all, new here!

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Hi all, new here!

Post by Luchere »

Hi OL-forum members!

I just registered myself so here's a little introduction. I'm from the Netherlands, not an expert in any terms of scientific degrees, but I'm quite autodidact on different topics.

I have a curious personality and always want to know why, so this led me to do a lot of research during my life, just for personal interest. I think it was in 2022 when I stumbled upon the Oera Linda topic, probably in a Youtube-comment section, and then quite soon saw the interview Catherine Austin Fitts did with Jan Ott. This seemed so genuine to me that the topic really catched me. For me the Oera Linda brings together many of my personal interests, like archeology, language/etymology, old maps, genealogy, spirituality and history, so I'm happy to become a member of this forum with, I think, likeminded, and openminded, people.

Since childhood I'm allready interested in archeology and old cultures, especially the ones in close connection to nature. I've traveled a quite a lot and have been at ancient sites, far away and close to home, were my imagination made me go "back in time", imagining a world where simplicity, honesty and living in harmony with nature was possible.

I love it to find connections, having the AH-moments when truth shines through, when I find a little piece of the big puzzle that we are making together. Therefore I hope I can contribute here sometimes if I think my thoughts can be useful. My special interests right now regarding OL-book lie in the field of etymology, finding pieces of proove/hints in my environment, and the possible connections with (or influences on) other cultures, for instance the Etruscans.

Let it thrive! Have a good day y'all!
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Re: Hi all, new here!

Post by ott »

That's a lovely introduction.
A warm welcome to you, Luchere.
I look forward to hearing more from you.
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