Finnish translations of videos about OL

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Finnish translations of videos about OL

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🇫🇮 For finnish speakers 🇫🇮 I want to make you aware of some videos available with subtitles. Here you go:

Translations of some videos by Asha Logos all in one:

Jan Ott as a guest on Solari Report:

I'm working on a finnish translation of OL based on the english translation by Ott, but the effort seems to be very slow-paced for now for multiple reasons, for example words that don't translate. It's expected that I'm eventually forced to make same theories based on some comparisons between this old frisian language and the modern, alongside with the old, finnish language, from where I may draw some conclusions. I already gave literal translation a try, and the end result was not satisfactory, and it was actually quite awkward. For example; ''Folk mother'', ''Burg mother'' etc. don't translate, at all.

I do have to say that the translation seemed to make the reading experience instantly much more penetrating, especially the parts describing importance of specific morals and laws.

Patience for now!
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