Wralda the creator god

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Wralda the creator god

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Ott has remarked once or twice that the word 'god' or 'good' in OL script showcases perfect symmetry, as the G and D are in Frisian script mirrored versions of each other. As some of you likely know, in ancient Greek (and later masonic) lore the perfect divine shape is the round ball or circle shape (concept of the monads, sun and moon visible in the sky etc). The word Wralda itself means 'world', as in the Germanic värld 'world' or veraldar goð Freyr, Waralden Olmai etc, but with a very neat double meaning of 'over-old' (German uralte) in some Germanic languages (the expression exists also in Finnish as ikivanha).

If one writes the GOD in Frisian script it shows two halfs and a full round shape at the centre. Depending on one's viewpoint one can see there two half-moons and full moon, two moons and one sun (of which moons one is secret black moon e.g. Rahu and Ketu). Or alternatively the world creations story of how land and air were separated (Egyptian creation story) or some primaeval bird's egg creation story where our world is created from the two halves (Finnish creation story). For comparison, in Finnish language the 'world' is maailma, literally earth/land (maa) + air (ilma), underlining the concept. In Biblical canon the same element is present as spirit of god over the primaeval waters (later also the land). It could also tell the story of time, as moon phases were used as calendar and the situation of the moon on the sky as simple night time sky clock.

If we for sake of argument assume the OL narrative refers to a cosmic force, and not a deified human god Freyr, what do you think of the geometrical element of OL script word 'god' and of any possible relations to the Wralda?
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Re: Wralda the creator god

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Wow - I will ponder this and reply. What an outstanding topic.
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